About Me

Writing these about pages are never fun, right? I can't be the only one who doesn't love writing about themselves, but then again the people want to know.

I've been in the real estate industry practically my whole life. It was hard not to, as my mom has been selling houses since I was in diapers.

I still remember going out to show houses on the weekends with her riding in the backseat with a keymap finding the most efficient route to the next showing.

Most kids might have thought it was boring but the truth is, I loved it. It was so exciting to me that we could just walk into a house and see all these different kinds of properties.

Meeting all the different people that my mom got to work with was also really exciting to me.

In my little boy mind, it was the greatest job on earth, and honestly, I still think it is.

After a couple of years at college in San Antonio, it was apparent that college was not right for me. I dropped out while in the worst market and economy since the great depression and joined my mom's real estate brokerage that was hanging on for dear life.

When I joined the brokerage that year in 2009, we were down to less than a handful of agents and traditional sales skidded to a halt.

After implementing digital marketing strategies we are now at almost 50 agents that sell almost $100 million in volume per year.


Because I've Done It


The thing about the internet and resumes is that people can tell you all they want but you really have no idea if they're bulls*itting. Right?

Some of my professional accolades include:

2015 RE/MAX of Texas 100% Club
2015 3rd Place Overall Top Producer Brokerage Wide
2014 RE/MAX of Texas 100% Club
2013 RE/MAX of Texas Top 500
2013 RE/MAX of Texas 100% Club
2013 3rd Place Overall Top Producer Brokerage Wide
Institute of Luxury Home Marketing Member
2012 RE/MAX of Texas Top 500
2012 RE/MAX of Texas 100% Club
2012 4th Place Overall Top Producer Brokerage Wide
2012 Top Producing Agent 2nd Quarter
2012 Top Producing Agent First Quarter
2011 RE/MAX of Texas Executive Club
2010 RE/MAX of Texas Executive Club

The Real Estate Company


Partner & CTO at RE/MAX Real Estate Associates

Fast forward 9 years and I've stepped completely out of selling to help our agents and others work smarter.

My role at RREA is ensuring our agents keep a competitive advantage by arming them with the necessary tools, strategies, and resources to become self-sufficient top producers.

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Five Fun Facts

  1. I attended The Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, TX my junior year of high school.
  2. While at MMA, my best friend at the time and I hooked up our parents. They are still married to this day.
  3. I'm a pretty avid musician and have played guitar and drums since I was 12 years old.
  4. I didn't really get into basketball until college, but I've been hooked ever since.
  5. I'm a die-hard Houston Rockets fan and have been a season ticket holder since 2013.