Delivering a WOW Client Experience

Understanding the difference between customer service and customer experience is vital in a business landscape where experience is the last differentiating factor. In this class we’ll dive into the client experience mindset and you’ll learn specific ways to wow your clients into raving fans.

From the site, “To WOW, you must differentiate yourself, which means doing something a little unconventional and innovative. You must do something that’s above and beyond what’s expected. And whatever you do you must have an emotional impact on the receiver.”

What is good customer experience?

“It is often the little details that customers recall even more than the product they purchased or the service they received. Little details that customers notice, and that makes them feel good about not only making the purchase, but making the purchase from you, is a significant part of the overall customer experience.”

In fact, a study by Oracle found that 74% of senior executives believe that customer experience impacts the willingness of a customer to be a loyal advocate.

If you want your clients to stay loyal, you have to invest in their experience, or someone else will.

Simply put, happy clients stay loyal.

Know the difference between customer service & customer experience.

If you get a phone call about one of your listings, that’s an opportunity to deliver excellent customer service. However, customer service is only one aspect of the customer experience.

For example, if you call a restaurant to make a reservation for a special night and they answer the phone quickly and take great care of you, that’s good customer service. Now, when you arrive for your reservation and they hook you up with the VIP room and a bottle of champagne on ice, that’s a good customer experience.

See how the two are different?


“If businesses cared as much about keeping customers happy as they do about getting new customers, the world would be a different place.”
– Gary V.


So how important is customer experience?

A survey by Bloomberg Businessweek found that “delivering a great customer experience” has become a top strategic objective. And a recent Customer Management IQ survey found that 75% of customer management executives and leaders rated customer experience a ‘5’ on a scale of 1-5 (5 being of the highest importance).

But, the thing is they’re still failing.

When Bain & Company asked organizations to rate their quality of customer experience, 80% believe they are delivering a superior experience. This is compared to only 8% of customers who believe they are receiving a great customer experience

Right now, user-experience is the single most important part of SEO for real estate websites.

Rules to Wow

1. Deliver more than you promise.

2. Make sure your customers are happy.

3. Reward your best customers.

4. Continually ask them what they want.


Six aspects of the client experience

– Make it personal
– Aim to exceed expectations
– Understand how your clients feel
– The experience is a journey, not a moment.
– Harness the power of communication.
– The likability factor

Ways to Wow

  • Send handwritten notes after first meeting, and after milestones.
  • Communicate with them before they even think about wanting to talk with you.

Wow Tools