Generate Seller Leads With The “I Have a Buyer” Facebook Ad

Learn how to generate seller leads right where they are, in Facebook.

This ad is great for generating real seller leads in areas with tight inventory. You’ll tell the homeowners what you’re buyers are looking for and that if their home meets the criteria they could potentially be in for a quick and easy sale.

Here’s what the finished ad will look like out in the wild.

If you want to watch me build out the ad step-by-step, be sure to watch the short video at the end this post.

Now I would never tell you to lie to make the ad work but if you have a homebuyer looking for a home in a specific area, this is a great way to get access to sellers who are not yet on the market or working with another agent.

The Ad Copy

“Are you thinking of selling your home in the _____________ area? We have a great family qualified and ready to buy. They need 3 beds and 2 baths, they want to be in _______ school district and they can spend up to $_________.

This is not a bait and switch. The buyers are a real family who need to move soon.

If your home meets the criteria and you’d like to sell, contact us here:

[Link to FB Lead Form or Landing Page on Your Website]”


The Ad Type

For this ad, I recommend using Facebook’s native Lead Generation ads because when a potential seller clicks on the ad it will open up a beautiful form with their contact information already filled out.

To get started creating this ad, open up your Ad Manager and click on the “Lead Generation” Type


For this ad, you want to target homeowners who are likely to be moving soon. Let’s cover my go-to ways to target them if you don’t already have a healthy custom audience built out.

First, you want to choose the area and try to be as niche as possible when creating these ads. When I say niche in this regard, I mean you should have the area narrowed down by neighborhood.

The more specific the area, usually the better results.


You’ll want to select Homeowners (since we’re looking for sellers) and we’ll want to narrow that down to homeowners who have owned their home more than 3 years.

This is because we can safely assume that the majority of people sell their homes every 5 years (down from 7 years).

For images, I always recommend using the amazing FREE design tool

That’s the ad to generate seller leads for your buyers when inventory is tight! Remember, feel free to reach out for advice or if you have any questions at all or if you just want to show off your results!!

Thanks for checking out this post, now and go and implement what you’ve learned!