For Roman’s Eyes Only

Dear Roman,

Hi! It’s your dad here and if you’re reading this then that means that you’re finally old enough to a) actually appreciate some things that you may not have when you were younger and b) listen to music (or watch movies) with bad words in them.

Reading List

We start with books because reading is the most important thing that you can do. It’s one thing to just watch something but when you read the words from paper yourself, you force your brain to create its own version of the book’s reality.

Read my son, it’s like downloading new software for your brain.

Books on Business

Books on Life

Music (and Music Videos)

Below are a collection of music videos that I included either because the video was so good or simply because it was the best way to share the song itself.

Sting – “Shape of My Heart”

Your mom and I actually discovered this song together at the same time. We had just finished watching one of my favorite movies (The Professional) and this song happened to be the closing song and I had never noticed it before! But this time the guitar caught my attention and your mom and I found a new favorite song.

Chet Faker – “Gold”

Funny story about this song and music video too. I had heard the song on Chet Faker’s latest album at the time and I really liked this song but had never even seen the video, let alone knew there was a video.

Well, the next day at the office I walked in and told your Uncle Spencer to pull up this song and check it out. Next thing I know, he’s making some funny faces and seems to be very intrigued by the video… and you can see why.


Below are a collection of movies that I think you should watch ????.

Everything Else


October 2020 – Downtown Houston, TX