SNAPPA: The Canva Killer

Love Hate Relationship

I want to make one thing clear first, Canva was revolutionary when it first came out.

In the early days of Canva when I first started using it, it was so fresh and new you kinda took the bad with the good and the little bugs we’re more or less, tolerable, but after so many years I’ve just never kicked this love/hate thing with Canva.

It sucks but it’s also the best free alternative to Photoshop… Until now.

Introducing Snappa

This glorious graphic made it’s way across my newsfeed (ps: the graphic was made with Snappa) and I couldn’t help myself. I’m practically addicted to trying new apps and plus it was FREE!

Almost immediately after signing in and seeing the templates, I looked at my brother/business partner and said “Uh-oh Canva is in trouble”

Within minutes I had pumped out 3 beautiful graphics for some blog post and a webinar we were about to publish.

Moral of the story, check out Snappa if you ever need to create any graphics for social media or the internet.

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