The Ultimate Open House Guide – Part 2: Planning & Prep

Part 2: Planning & Preparation

I’ve heard every limiting belief in the book when I talk with agents who have unsuccessful open houses but the one common denominator is a failure to execute a plan. That and they don’t even have a plan or their plan consists of posting the open house on the MLS the day before and putting out a couple signs around the corner from the house.

Ideally if you’re planning for a Saturday open house, then your planning should begin the Monday before. So almost a full week.


Open House Countdown Checklist

3 Days Before:

  1. Confirm date and time with seller/listing agent!
  2. Set open house in HAR
  3. Print a map of the neighborhood surrounding the property (3 mi radius)
  4. Mark on map where you will place signs.
  5. Secure 10 directional signs
  6. Print 50 Open House flyers
  7. Print 50 property info flyers

2 Days Before:

  1. Knock on 50 doors around property to invite neighbors to “Special Neighbor Preview” 30 minutes before open house start time. (Leave a flyer)
  2. Advertise the open house on Craigslist
  3. Compile info on alternative relevant properties. Print 5 copies of each
  4. Print 2 blank contracts (just in case for a motivated buyer)
  5. Print 50 guest sign in sheets
  6. Put together “Home Info Booklet” to display, including:
    1. Property photo cover page
    2. Details of property
    3. Utilities & upgrades info page
    4. Tax information
    5. Survey of lot (if you have it)
    6. Floor plans (if you have it)
    7. School Information
    8. Community Information

Pro-Tip: For your Home Info Booklet use ListReports to print out beautiful informative pre-designed open house reports on good paper.

1 Day Before:

Pick up 10 balloons (red, white and blue)
Pick up 2 bottles of champagne and orange juice
Pick up water bottles

Day of Open House:

Place directional signs where decided on map
Secure balloons to yard sign
Setup guest sign in sheet
Setup mimosas and/or snacks on kitchen counter